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VCU features Craft student!

One of our VCUarts students was featured on VCU News for her work in clay under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Michelle Florence is a student within the Crafts department who works with Clay and Glass. After receiving the UROP grant, Michelle was able to spend last summer creating large scale clay sculptures and really dive into clay processes. With this grant Michelle was able to create work that would be otherwise impossible during the school year. Congrats Michelle!

Check out the rest of Michelle’s work on her website.

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Its a late night rodeo and I’m still on the horse

Great view of one of our CNC routers at VCUarts!


Its a late night rodeo and I’m still on the horse

Great view of one of our CNC routers at VCUarts!

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Kinetic Imaging, Sculpture, Painting/Printmaking, & Crafts Senior Show TONIGHT!

Happy Friday everyone. There’s a lot happening tonight so hang tight:

TONIGHT is the opening of the Senior Show for all the fine arts departments! It’s from 5 - 8 pm at the Fine Arts Building (FAB for short). Go check it out! All the majors are integrated together on each floor and it’s a show our seniors have been working their butts off for - go check it out!

Also tonight is the Student Open Forum where students can talk with the Dean to address ways to improve VCUarts in the future. Issues such as interconnectivity, what the future of VCUarts should be, and more. Come check it out!

We hope to see you at both events and hope they will make the end of spring break awesome!

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Congratulations!  Welcome, welcome! 

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Molly bby, if you’re reading this I wanna let you know we’re going to go to school together k

Congratulations! Let us know if you have questions; You’re going to love it here at VCU Arts!

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APRIL 11, 2014 | Pressssssure

the process in steamroller printmaking

gdes + the kids + dafi hosted this cool event.

awesome experience/atmosphere/vibes/weather—everything was amazing.

This awesome steamroller printing event was organized by a class of VCU Graphic Design Students and our visiting professor, Dafi Kuhne, who is here from Switzerland! 

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I have wonderful news: I was just accepted to study at VCU Art’s sister campus in Doha, Qatar for the entire Fall 2014 semester!  Unfortunately I won’t be giving tours in Richmond during that time but I will get to experience life in a completely different culture. Qatar is an international, arts-centric metropolis. Their skyline alone is enough to send this graphic design major to aesthetic heaven (see pics below) but what is even better is that I get to study there at no extra cost to me. Tuition is the same that I would pay here in Richmond, courses there correspond with my courses here so I will graduate on time, and VCUArts even covers my airfare! It’s perfect and just one of the many ways you can study abroad when you get to VCU! For more info, go here:

-Mike (Graphic Design)




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Does anyone go to VCU arts or know of anyone who goes there?


—please give me their name or some type of contact information—

Hey there! Feel free to talk to any of us - we are all current students here at VCUarts! :) We would love to answer your questions.

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Hi!  Happy Spring!

Last week I attended two conferences! The first was for engineering educators and was held at Mercer University in Macon, GA. I have included some pictures from the event above. I represented VCU Arts by giving an oral lecture and presenting a poster, both of which centered on a multiplication toy I invented for children last summer as part of a VCU Honors Internship. In the process I met many other students working in the engineering field including the seven Clemson undergraduates pictured in the second-to-last tier.  Go Tigers!!! I received two travel grants from the VCU Honors College to attend each conference- I’m so thankful because I couldn’t go without the help of this wonderful University!

More to come in the future!

-Mike (Graphic Design Sophomore) 

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